Jaskinia Miętusia (Miętusia Cave)

There are two sump sequences in Miętusia Cave. They are both situated at 200 m (app.656 ft) below the opening, on the bottom of the vertical section of the cave called Wielkie Kominy (The Great Chimneys) and Ciasne Kominy (The Tight Chimneys). Until recently the two sumps were thought to have no connection: earlier measurements taken here showed that their watertables were at two different levels. This belief was refuted only in the late 1990s, when it was proved beyond any doubt that they do have an underwater connection. On the bottom of Ciasne Kominy, next to the sump leading to Wielkie Kominy, there is an underwater corridor with a blind end at the depth of 70 m. The corridor linking Wielkie and Ciasne Kominy has a fork leading to a dry chamber with the beautiful name 'Podwójne Życie Weroniki' (Veronica's Double Life).