Jaskinia Kasprowa Niżnia (Kasprowa Niżnia Cave)

Currently, Kasprowa Niżnia Cave boasts the longest sump sequence of all the Tatra caves: their combined length exceeds 600 m (app.1970 ft). To reach the flooded corridors one must get through a few short sections where the use of ropes is necessary. This part of the way takes about an hour's time. The first sump in the sequence of six, called Syfon Danka (Danek's Sump), is only 6 metres (app. 20 ft) long. Right behind it you find Syfon Krakowski (Cracow Sump), and then Syfon Mamuci (Mammoth Sump) separated by a difficult, several-metre-long dry passage (it is necessary to take off and carry all the equipment to reach Syfon Mamuci). The fourth sump in the sequence bears the name Syfon Warszawiaków (Warsawers' Sump). Vast and filled with clear water, it is the longest (333 m- app. 1092 ft) and arguably the most beautiful sump in Poland. Behind Syfon Warszawiaków there are two more sumps: Syfon Kondoniarzy (Kondoniarze's Sump) 167 m (548 ft) and FFS (FFS Sump), 70 m (230 ft). The dry passages to be found behind FFS Sump are still waiting for their explorers...

Note: If you dive in Kasprowa Cave, the most demanding task is the traverse of the long flooded corridors rather than reaching the flooded parts of the cave.